Short-term International Consultant - Biodiversity Monitoring




May – June 2010



Maldives Environmental Management Project (MEMP)



International Development Association / World Bank, Environmental Protection Agency of the Republic of the Maldives



Review the existing terrestrial monitoring data and projects on biodiversity conservation in the Maldives


Develop terrestrial ecosystem monitoring program objectives, methods and protocols


Conduct a baseline survey of terrestrial flora and fauna within the North Province, and build capacity of the Biodiversity Section of the EPA for terrestrial ecosystem monitoring through field based activities


Prepare an inventory of floral and faunal species of the selected islands based on the baseline survey


Identify critical habitats and species within the North Province


Propose proxy indicators of terrestrial ecosystem health status


Propose relevant community based terrestrial ecosystem monitoring, methodologies and protocols


Prepare training and awareness materials including both class room and field oriented material to support community based monitoring activities to be delivered by the EPA to interested community groups


Prepare budget and resource plan for the terrestrial ecosystem monitoring over the period of 5 years


Prepare terrestrial ecosystem monitoring plan




Terrestrial Ecosystem Monitoring – North Province


Cesarini D. & Bernasconi L., 2010


Document to EPA/MEMP/IDA, Malé, Republic of the Maldives, 392 pp.