Planning and Management of Protected Areas and Natural Resources Use




Participatory planning (define scope, vision and targets; identify critical threats; situation analysis; develop strategic plan; develop monitoring plan), with special emphasis on natural resources mapping and arrangements for management strategies.


Countries with experience:  Cape Verde, China PR, Viet Nam, MaldivesSao Tomé and Principe




Development of co-management processes and related instruments (agreements, plans, zonings, co-management bodies, etc.) in PAs and NRM.


Countries with experience:  Cape VerdeChina PR




Biodiversity and natural resources status assessment and monitoring at local and national level.


Countries with experience:  Cape VerdeChina PRViet NamMaldives




Thorough knowledge of the IUCN framework for PAs management effectiveness evaluation, and experience in its application to different contexts.


Countries with experience:  Cape VerdeViet Nam




Gap analyses of PAs networks at national and provincial level.


Countries with experience:  Cape VerdeMaldives




Preparation of planning documents (management plans, operational plans, monitoring plans, strategy documents, management guidelines and standards, etc.), according to international best practices. 


Countries with experience:  Cape VerdeChina PRViet NamMaldivesSao Tomé and Principe




Capacity building at site and national level.


Countries with experience:  Cape Verde, China PR, Viet Nam, Maldives, Sao Tomé and Principe, Italy, Yemen




Expert in Small Island Developing States’ (SIDS) and Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ALAs) conservation issues and strategies.


Countries with experience:  Cape VerdeChina PR, MaldivesSao Tomé and Principe, Yemen






Project Management in Conservation / Development Capacities




Identification and formulation of conservation and development projects within the framework of UNDP and EU funded programmes.


Countries with experience:  Cape Verde, Italy, Cuba, Morocco




Project Cycle Management.


Countries with experience:  Cape Verde, Viet Nam, Italy






Elaboration, Coordination and Implementation of Ecological Projects and Field Surveys




Coordination of biodiversity and natural resources assessment research groups.


Countries with experience: Cape Verde, Viet Nam, Maldives, Philippines




Terrestrial vertebrates monitoring and ecological surveyes.


Countries with experience: Cape Verde, Viet Nam, Maldives, ItalyPhilippines, Yemen







Working Languages




Consultancy missions and services can be provided in the following languages:


- English


- Portuguese


- Spanish


- Italian




As secondary language, execution of field missions can be supported also in the following languages:


- French


- Creole (Cape Verde)


- Vietnamese