Short-term Consultant - Training on Protected Areas Management




May – July 2021



Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into the tourism sector in synergy with a further strengthened protected areas system in Cabo Verde



UNDP, GEF and Ministry of Agriculture and Environment




Develop and implement the "Module 1 - Protected Areas Management Challenges and Policies" of the web-based trainig course on Protected Area Management.


Prepare one chapter of the manual of the training course.



Formação das equipas técnicas e analise de diagnostico ambiental no planeamento das Áreas Protegidas (Technical staff training and environmental analysis in Protected Areas Planning)


Cesarini D., 2007


Document to UNDP/GEF/MAA-DGA project “Integrated participatory ecosystem management in and around protected areas (Phase I)”, Praia, Rep. of Cape Verde.